What is a Seller's Inspection?

When you are selling your home, every seller wants to receive the highest price in the shortest amount of time. You'll need to find out about any hidden problems before your house goes on the market. Sales contracts typically include an "inspection contingency clause" and over 75% of all homebuyers today rely directly on the observations within this report before making there final home purchase decision. Surprise problems uncovered by the buyer’s inspector will cause delays in your closing, costing you the seller last minute repair hassles or selling the home for a lower price.

Having a DISCOVERY Pre-listing Inspection before putting your home on the market will make the whole sale process easier for everyone involved. Find out about any hidden problems and get them corrected in advance, on your own terms and on your own schedule. Or present the items “as is” and reflect them in the purchase price. You can count on the buyer’s inspector finding these problems, so why not find them first? That same buyer may walk away from the deal if any conditions come as a surprise, even after an offer has already been made. If the home is inspected before it goes on the market you will be aware of the condition of the house before an offer is made. There won’t be any surprises and the transaction is far less likely to fall apart before closing the deal.

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

To identify any home components that are in need of repair, have the home evaluated as soon as possible after you have decided to put the home on the market.  A DISCOVERY Pre-listing Inspection before putting up the "For Sale" sign insures that you will know the TRUE condition of the home. This will give you plenty of time to make any repairs, and bring the home into tip-top shape. We want you to know, all of our inspectors have been professionally trained & licensed by TREC, and must agree to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that prohibits them from engaging in any conflict of interest activities. You can be confident & trust that your DISCOVERY inspector will never use an inspection to solicit repair work for himself or any particular contractor.

You Can't Do it By Yourself... We're Here to Help

Chances are that even if you are very familiar with home construction, you still do not have the knowledge, training and experience of a professional Home Inspector. We have inspected hundreds of homes. We are not only familiar with all the mechanical systems of a home, and how they work and need maintenance, but we also know what to look for to tell us there age, or that they are getting ready to fail. However, beyond the technical expertise and experience a professional inspector brings, it is important to remember that the inspector remains an impartial third party. If you are involved in buying or selling a house, it’s impossible for you to remain completely unemotional about the house, and this may cloud your judgment. The Professional DISCOVERY Inspector will provide with an objective outside reporting of the facts giving you peace of mind about the transaction.
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